Stanko K.R.

Hi, I'm Stanko Krtalić Rusendić

I am a Web developer from Zagreb making products with Ruby on Rails, Hotwired and Tailwind.

Latest Articles

  • 9 min read
    Why does Rails put the type column first in an index for a polymorphic association?
    Last week, I had a discussion with a coworker about how Rails indexes columns used in polymorphic associations. He thought that the order of columns in the index should be flipped - instead of indexing by type and ID, it should index by ID and type - as that way the most restrictive column is...
  • 4 min read
    Running Campfire behind traefik
    I rent a bare metal server from Scaleway where I host all my apps. For me, that's much more economical than running multiple small VPS boxes. 50€ a month buys me 2TB of disk space, 64GB of RAM and an 4 core / 8 thread CPU on which I can host two or three dozen apps. Compare that to AWS or...
  • 25 min read
    Deconstructing Action Cable
    I knew what Action Cable was about and roughly how it worked since it was released. But lately I've developed a much deeper understanding of it because I had to extend it and explain its internals to others. The following is how I explained Action Cable to myself. I took a top-down approach,...