Software is made by people

The recent Hotwire pop-up drama has shown me that some have forgotten that software is made by people - people with different backgrounds, different values, different skills, and different flaws.

The diversity in opinions and aproaches is what makes modern day software development great. That’s what drives innovation.

There are many tribes of people that like to build software in a certain way, that like to use a certain language, that approach problems a certain way, that prefere certan conventions over others. It’s easy to find a tribe and join it, or to start your own.

When I started programming professionally I’ve aleardy found my tribes and thought that people in other tribes - especially those with diametrically opposite beliefs - were just doing software wrong.

But I was wrong back then.

Today I understand that all tribes in our community formed not because we interpreted something differently, but because we have different values about the same thing - software.

We are like visitors at an art gallery looking at an abstract sculpture - each of us sees something different even though we are looking at the same thing.
Optical illusion that sometimes looks like a rabbit and sometimes like a duck (well, bird)
Where one person sees a rabbit another will see a duck. There is no one right answer. If it’s a rabbit, or a duck, or both, or neither is dependent on you.

HTML-over-the-wire and SPAs, in this context, are two ways of doing the same thing - rendering content in a reactive way. There is no one right answer as to what the best way to do it is. Which one you prefere is up to you.

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